Commercialization, Commissioning, Qualification, Testing, and Validation

Commercialization, commissioning, qualification, testing, and validation are specialty services that enable the client to document, with a high degree of assurance, that the building, equipment, process, product, or system meets their needs and conforms to established codes, requirements, and specifications.

An intensive and diversified knowledge of (a) building and construction codes, (b) engineering principles and practices, (c) pharmaceutical and device regulations, and (d) prevailing commercial and industrial best practices enables Mark Henry, Inc. to achieve unmatched levels of service.

Mark Henry, Inc. takes the time to understand your unique needs and requirements and then formulates a plan that will deliver products and services in complete conformance with the prevailing best practices, codes (accessibility, building, electrical safety, energy, fire, life safety, NEC), regulations (CFRs, cGMPs, EMEA, FDA, GAMP, L&I, OSHA), specifications (equipment, technical data, user defined), and standards. 

Depending on your needs, Mark Henry, Inc. services range from leadership consultation through complete turnkey implementation. What ever your specialty services needs are you may rest assured that we do the right thing, the first time, on schedule, and within budget. Our approach has withstood the scrutiny of local, state, federal, and international regulatory agencies.

Contact Mark Henry, Inc. to bring these proven, innovative, holistic, and forward-thinking techniques and powerful approaches to your organization today.